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Soraly Arteaga Jurado

Film producer / Architect / Realtor

Film producer with more than 18 years of experience. With the making of feature films, short films and documentaries.

Graduated from the University of Zulia with a degree in Architecture and a license in Social Communication from the Dr Rafael Belloso Chacin University, with a Diploma in Audiovisual Production from the same university.

Businesswoman who develops other professional roles, maintaining her social responsibility under the foundation she leads, working with the community and vulnerable sectors; faithful believer that in the sum of wills is strength.

Alejandro Arteaga

Audiovisual Director & Producer

Graduated in 2007 as a Social Communicator, mention in Audiovisual Journalism from the Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University, where he received recognition.

Film and television producer at the CIC Film Research Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011). Specialized in Film Criticism and directing assistance in the Syndicate of the Argentine Cinematographic Industry SICA.

Professor of the audiovisual direction chair, at the experimental arts faculty of the University of Zulia (2013). Developing various audiovisual works such as short films and feature films.

Maria Laura Marín

Architect, Screenwriter & Writer.

Graduated from the University of Zulia (2010); He completed an art and design course at the London University of Art UAL (2013)

In 2022 he published his first novel "AMALIA" and is developing his second book.

Edgar Rocca Márquez

Director, Screenwriter & Film Producer


He graduated from UCV (2010) and ESCINETV (2013). He has 10 years in the audiovisual medium and 10 films made where he has worked as a director, screenwriter and producer. He has been a speaker, facilitator and university professor in institutions such as UCAB. In 2018 he distributed the contents for Warner and Sony for theatrical. Since 2020, it has been distributing Independent cinema, beginning with the film Parasites, with which it has achieved success that allows it to expand its horizons today.

“El sentido de las cosas no está en las cosas mismas, sino en nuestra actitud hacia ellas”

El Principito